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December 2010

If you have designed your own business cards you have probably heard of CMYK. Basically, it is the method of printing using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (I know, K? That’s a different story) to recreate a full color image. This color system is specific to printing unlike RGB (Red, Green, Blue) which is used on screen (computer graphics, television, etc) and what most of your digital photo cameras use. This is why a small color shift occurs when changing a photograph from RGB to CMYK.  To correct this color shift photoshop will automatically correct the color and tone to its originally intended colors. This also explains how an image on the screen, even with high quality monitors, will appear differently when printed.

The graphic above was used in a Print Fellas postcard campaign a few years ago, but was one of our most successful. The use of the primary printing colors against bright white paper is stunning… and attracts a lot of attention.

When you order your business cards from Print Fellas you have the option to choose between 14 point, 16 point, and 100 pound linen cover paper stock. The question is, how do you evaluate what thickness is best for your business card?

In the last 10 years we have noticed certain industries prefer different thicknesses. We have also noted that too thick may cause unintended consequences as well. Typically real estate, industrial, food services, automotive and construction prefer the thicker business cards. Design, health and beauty, florists, financial services, consultants and event services request a more elegant, thinner and uncoated business card.

When evaluating your business card paper stock options, keep these points in mind:

  • Thicker business cards are more difficult to cary in card holders or wallets
  • Thinner business cards are more easily damaged
  • Uncoated business cards can be written on easily
  • Coated business cards are protected from scratches and wear

With this in mind, evaluate your customer base and choose the right paper stock for your next set of business cards.

Lately at Print Fellas we have had some customers call us because the color on their screen looked different from their printed business cards. This is an ongoing problem because we have no control over the quality and settings of our customers monitors as they review their proofs.

There are 2 ways to compare what you see on your monitor to what you can expect to see printed.

Method #1: Look at a color wheel on your screen. If the block that says green looks blue then you know you will need to change the color settings on your monitor or computer to make the colors look more accurate.

Method #2: Print your proofs and review the color on paper. You can compare what is printed to what you see on screen. If the colors are drastically different then you should adjust your monitor.

The best way to ensure the color you want is printed correctly is to send us a sample of the color you would like, from the sample we will match the color as close as possible.

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Print Fellas is offering special discounts on many sites, and here is one more. We have added a Google tag to our search results on Google Maps. We have never done this before but if you go to Google maps there is a special 10% coupon code there. Happy Holidays!

Some professions such as real estate will use their likeness, or photo, as their brand. For this reason Print Fellas has created a real estate business card design gallery that features several business card templates with photos.

When taking or choosing your photo to use in marketing, it is always a good idea to make sure no part of your body is cut off. This gives a designer the creative freedom to crop the photo to match the media. The example above shows a confident pose, clear bright lighting, and no part of the persons body is cut off. This is important for business cards since they are such a small media.

We have received files from clients that had their photos professionally taken and/or retouched. Most of the time they end up cropping in very close, which is nice for a portrait, but does not look as good on a business card. Be careful when selecting a photo for your business card to make sure you have a clear, bright shot and no part of you is cut off.

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‘Tis the holiday season, and so our holiday business card gallery is receiving more attention. We will be adding to the holiday business card gallery within the next year – but we have these designs to offer you right now:

Holiday Business Card Designs.

Here are a few links we like to browse through to get inspired as we design business cards. If you like any of these business cards and would want us to design something similar, just let us know in your order comments or send us a link to the business card you like:

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