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January 2011

During our re-design we have been experimenting with a new shipping concept our customers have been requesting. When customers order several projects at once they want the ability to group the shipments and payment together. Right now, our system is built for speed and reliability. As soon as your project is printed, we cut it and put it into a pre-labeled shipping box to be sent immediately. In order to group the shipments we need to select certain projects out of the shipping que and hold them until their group is complete.

This has been a challenge but we have made a small step toward making it available to you. We are now able to group products together with the restriction that they have to be the exact same product. This means if you order two sets of 16 point glossy business cards they can ship together, but if you order 250 matte business cards and 500 glossy business cards they cannot be grouped together at this time.

We are still working on a more efficient solution, and this will lead to the ability to create a shopping cart solution as well. Once the redesign is complete we will continue making the shopping and checkout system easier to use.

Yes, with our new re-designed interface almost complete we are ready to stay in close contact with you. If you choose to follow us on Twitter you will be updated on new products, specials, designs, and the day-to-day happenings at Print Fellas headquarters. We aren’t letting the printing presses post from Los Angeles, Arlington, Chicago, Dayton, New Jersey and Miami post though… because they can’t type (joke).

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