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April 2011

Newsleter imagePrint Fellas last email newsletter was, admittedly, thrown together quickly so that we could announce our new redesign as fast as possible. Now we are dedicating our design resources to come up with a new design which will impress and communicate. Here are some sites we have been looking at for inspiration:

We will be revealing our new design in our first newsletter of April, so if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter sign up here.

print fellas websiteThe previous redesign of was completed in January, 2007. In the last four years the previous format served us, and our customers, well. But with the evolution of larger screen sizes, faster code libraries, and access from multiple devices we had to perform an engineering and aesthetic upgrade.

Our first goal was to widen the interface in order to create more breathing room between features and accommodate more content above the fold. The wider format is a more efficient use of the new standard screen size of 1024 x 768. The width of the site went from 740 pixels to 980 pixels which we are very happy with.

Next goal was to eliminate the use of Adobe® Flash®. Flash has always had a compatibility issue with several devices, and now that our site is being accessed by many smart phones we could not rely on Flash as a dependable method of content delivery. Instead, we have upgraded our JavaScript library to replace all of the Flash elements with AJAX. Along with the benefit of small device compatibility, AJAX loads faster, executes faster, and uses a fraction of the processing power of Flash.

Our next goal was to simplify the product pages. Our previous product pages were built based on search engine optimization and squeezing as much content and info on one page as possible. Our new product pages are built to satisfy the customer. The product pages display links to our most popular destination pages giving our audience a direct path to design galleries and ordering.

The next priority of our redesign was to build a more robust navigation. Instead of one main button leading to landing pages, we have added sub-navigation drop down boxes so that you are always one click away from any of our content. The new navigation is better organized, more simple to use, and much more efficient for our visitors.

Along with the above priorities, we are continuing to modify and improve our website. We have added a customer satisfaction survey to the order confirmation page so that you can help us improve. We will greatly appreciate any feedback you can give us.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment here, we may just give you free business cards for helping us out!

Print Fellas designer Evita designed this beautiful cupcake business card for our clients to order. We love it and we hope that you do too.

Professional Business Card Designs.