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October 2011

A friend asked me the other day if I would be able to print stickers that have all of the same information from his business card that would work to stick to corporate gifts as well as envelopes to send documents and gifts through the mail. “Of course” I said, explaining that even we use address stickers at print fellas to add our logo and return address to anything we send out.

Business card size stickers are perfect because they are the perfect size to affix to envelopes and any type of gift. The great part is that these full color custom stickers, with a high gloss protective UV coating, only cost about $0.07 each.They are printed on our high quality press on crack-n-peel stock for easy peeling and sticking. The cost benefit to these stickers is enormous compared to the cost of custom full color, or even one color envelopes. Custom business card stickers will make your life easier.

Imagine buying game tickets for your client, just stick your business card on them and your client is taking your info with him to the game. Throw it on a food basket and it will look like you made the gift basket yourself. Any personal item you send out can have your contact information and brand on it for $0.07 each.

Right now is the best time to grab your own custom stickers because Print Fellas is offering 25% off everything through the end of October. This means customizing your gifts is even less expensive, so there is no excuse why you shouldn’t get this done today.

Print Fellas will custom design and print your products, and most of our products arrive within 5 business days of purchase. We have several locations throughout the united states to make shipping quicker and easier. For business cards, postcards, letterhead, envelopes and more visit

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