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November 2011

As we mentioned previously, business card stickers are an easy way to brand anything. Now we have decided to drive the point home and throw down a special price, plus an additional 20% coupon.

Corporate gifts can be a difficult undertaking and cost more to add your logo to a gift than the actual gift itself. With shipping times and printing times branded gifts can take a long time to produce. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to add your logo and contact information to any gift that you can grab off of a retail shelf?

Business Card Stickers
Business Card Sticker Discount Code

Retail gifts are more common, easier to find, and are more personal than a generic promotional item. One of the more popular corporate gifts is event tickets which cannot be branded, but you can place a sticker on them. If you are out of time and you are on the way to an event that you need to bring a gift basket or food platter, just stop at the supermarket on the way and place your business card sticker on there and you have a branded corporate gift within seconds.

Mailing and shipping has always been a little harder than it needs to be, but we can make it a little easier. Instead of filling out your name and address on a return label by hand, just place your business card sticker on your envelopes and packages to save a lot of time.

Ever let anyone borrow anything and you wish you would have written your name on it or marked it in some way so that it would be easier to return? From pens to power tools these items have been lent out and borrowed with the fear that they will never return, and sometimes they don’t. If you simply apply a business card sticker to the item before lending you can have the confidence that the borrower will see your information and be reminded that the property should be returned.