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February 2012

Did you know Leap Day only happens on February 29 in years divisible by 4? On top of that, years that are evenly divisible by 100 do not include a leap day. Way too much math to figure out, the good news is my smart phone tells me when there is a bonus day of the month and I try to take advantage of it. The reality is most people really don’t notice and they move through their lives as if this day has no special significance.

Whether you decide to acknowledge this special day or not, we are going to use it as an opportunity to reach out to you. We want to know how you interact with Print fellas, and how Print Fellas can better interact with you.

Simply leave us a comment on this post about what you like, what you don’t like, and how you would like us to improve. In return, you will receive completely free design services on a new set of business cards.

This is not a free setup of an existing business card design, this will be a completely custom business card tailored specifically to you. We want to hear from you so post your comment of Facebook, Twitter, or our blog and we will set you up with your own unique business card design.

Happy Leap Day!

I am sending a personal note to our email subscribers in the February Discount email with an important request. We are currently in the planning phase of rebuilding our website from the ground up. This is a very important project that will take several months to complete.

You are our number one priority when it comes to this project, and we want your feedback to improve our website and better serve you. Those of you that have left feedback on your purchase receipts, I want to personally thank you and assure you that every comment is read and submitted to the development team for implementation. While we have created a roadmap, I have refused to move forward until we have heard from everyone who has comments to share with us. read more …

We have just added the business card design gallery as a page here on our blog. We will be updating the business card gallery regularly, so please check back often for new designs.

We are extending our 25% off coupon through the end of February. This is a great opportunity to grab a new card, experiment with a new design, or try out new paper types or coating. read more …